Products and services

  • Localizza

    LOCALIZZA is a GPS tracking Service ,based on a web Platform , available via internet through a login.
    Thanks to the Telematics unit installed on the vehicle is possible to check all the positions via web through the M2M SIM Card and the integrated antenna into the box.

  • Remote Angel Fleet

    Remote Angel Fleet is a Gps tracking service for the Business fleet management. You can control your fleet, monitoring all the vehicle routes through a web access.

  • Remote Angel Vehicle

    Remote Angel Vehicle is the guardian angel of your car.
    It is the first low telematics anti-theft unit available on the market, created to satisfy the need of many economy cars’ owner.
    It is a tracking gps unit for your vehicle, with sim card, gsm/gprs/gps antenna and power cable integrated, able to transfer real time data on mobile phone network and via internet.

  • Remote Angel SOS

    Remote Angel SOS is a Personal Tracker, equipped by a battery and antenna.
    It communicates via internet or through a smartphone.

  • Remote Angel Defi

    Remote Angel DEFI is a telematics Device interfaced with mobile defibrillator , for the transferring realtime of medical parameters to a central server. Remote Angel DEFI is always reachable through its GPS tracking system. It is possible also to activate a voice call with an Operation Centre for aid services.

  • Remote Angel Care

    Remote Angel Care is a telematics device interfaced with glucometers for the transferring realtime of all the glyceamic data to a central server.
    All the data are interfaced with healthcare facilities to be displayed by healthcare operators for the monitoring of their patients.

  • Sms Service

    SMS Service is a web  application which gives the opportunity /to send and receive SMS /with ease, thanks to its remote access even in motion The SMS delivering can be immediate, postponed, scheduled, addressed to one or many receivers. The message can be customizable, choosing the sender name and the sending list. It is also available on his Gateway version, interfacing the SMS Service with a  central server  or integrating it to already existing applications.