Telemedicine: TELECOM ITALIA Spa


Telecom Italia SpA is concentrating on developing advanced services on ICT, which are able to improve life quality and increase healthcare system efficiency. Telecom Italia is focusing on the diabetological care investment through the Linea@Medica Diabete created and produced by Macnil.


“Domino Mobile Meter” is a diagnostic device created by Macnil in vitro. It allows people to view through a Blackberry phone all the medical parameters on display.
Immediately, it sends all the data to a web application hosted by Telecom Italia Datacenter. So, the patient can consult anytime he/she needs the glycaemic  diary, which is stored and constantly updated. All the process is managed directly by a Blackberry or by a PC. In addiction can be shared with a health caring team.


Thanks to this system it will be gained realtime and in mobility an interactive process among doctor and patient.
Moreover, the healthcare service will be more functional. The doctor in charge will be ready to assist the patient. On the other side, the patient will not need to move to surgery or hospital, saving time and money.