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Technological innovation as a response of changing


In the recent past, innovation was expressed mainly in the acquisition of technological equipment (hardware and application software, that is, networks of personal computers, PC, with management programs and individual productivity). Today, this infrastructure can be regarded as mere commodities or goods ICT widely distributed, of which the company can not do without, but do not constitute, in itself, a direct competitive advantage.

Over the last decade with the advent of the Internet and the subsequent drive to globalization that the network has given the markets, technological innovation has taken on a significance far more pervasive, investing every size company and business: the internal processes , design and production, the distribution, the same ability to build relationships (with the market, with suppliers and customers) for new marketing strategies and brand management.

Macnil was able to engage on their own “genetic” characters in technological innovation and is proud to be able to tell success stories today. These stories stem from the ability to Macnil have opened new channels of sales and distribution, it has identified a question that sought – and that until then could not find it – its offerings, to have established relationships with their customers and processes loyalty through the activities of Customer Relationship Management (CRM).