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Mariarita Costanza


Electronic engineer, business woman and mother. Shark only to the channel Italia Uno in the format Shark Tank, she dreams the Murgia Valley with MacNil Zucchetti Group at the head.

Her motto is: “Nothing is impossible, save if you think it is”.


Macnil Zucchetti Group


Software developer


30 million of Lire for the strat up of her Company Macnil Zucchetti Group and to develop the web software system for the companies to send and receive SMS.




43 years old, from Gravina in Puglia, Mariarita Costanza has two children, a little girl 10 years old and a little boy 6 years old.

She graduated in 2001 in Electronic Engineer at Polytechnic of Bari, with her husband and associate, Nicola Lavenuta, she decides to deal with big challenge: don’t emigrate, but create a Technology Information company in Gravina in Puglia (BA), which is a purely agricultural country, so far from the technological hub of the North of Italy.

In 2001 the Company Macnil borns with a bank loan and like warranty the house of her family and after only a year, in 2002, the first big objective to achieve: to become supplier of ICT solutions for Telecom Italia.


Now Macnil is the first Company of fleet management in the national territory and it began the path to internationalization. In June 2014 Macnil becomes part of Zucchetti Group, the biggest Italian Company of software production, with 3000 employeers, 1100 partner in Italy and present in 40 nations in the world.

The challenge has been won: today, in the heart of Gravina in Puglia exists a big Company ICT, who takes care to Internet Things, M2M, of Fleet Management and telemedicine.

Mariarita is technical Director and she manages a group of technicians, researchers, designers and software developers.