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Discovering, learning, applying: the technology solutions’ leap


In the various industrial revolutions that have occurred in the last 250 years, the technological leap was always determined from a jump cognitive, consisting of one or more discoveries and related applications. Each discovery has pushed forward the frontiers of knowledge and at the same time led to the stratification of knowledge, being overcome and abandon those that have become obsolete.

The activity of Macnil in research and development is aimed at the production of the factor called “knowledge.” In order to continue to improve the technical solutions for its customers, Macnil has created an internal team of experienced engineers and researchers. This team is constantly engaged in developing new materials and manufacturing solutions ad hoc.

Macnil actively collaborates with the Politecnico di Bari, University of Bari and research centers accredited and constantly takes part in investment projects in the field of industrial research and experimental development. For now boasts the participation in several projects funded by regional, national and European level.