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The Murgia Valley of Mariarita Costanza

3 November, 2015

Mariarita Costanza is an electrical engineer and technical director of Macnil Zucchetti Group, the largest Italian company software production, present in 40 countries worldwide, with about 3,000 employees and 1,100 partners in Italy. Since 2001 he is driving with her husband Nicholas Lavenuta the first fleet management company in Italy, partner of Telecom Italy. In [...]


Innovation in Macnil’s home: in the heart of the Murgia Valley

3 November, 2015

Successful South: Video interview with Mariarita Costanza In the heart of the rocky Gravina in Puglia pulsate arteries, high technology, so quick to bring information, data, services everywhere. This computer apparatus that pumps innovation responds to the name of Macnil, an information technology founded and run by Nicola and Constance Mariarita Lavenuta, couple in life [...]


The startupper successful has the ‘creed’, risks and makes sacrifice

26 October, 2015

During Smau 2015, Zucchetti Group, through the testimony of Mariarita Costanza, technical director of Macnil Zucchetti Group, explained what are the characteristics to be one startupper winning and convincing funders to invest Serves the ‘creed’, the dream, the willingness to take risks and the need to make sacrifices. These are, according to Mariarita Costanza, technical director [...]

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“Sharks” invent development ideas

9 September, 2015

Gravina: from the show “Shark Tank” Luciano Bonetti and Gianluca Dettori admired the beauty of the city. The IT manager Mariarita Costanza does the honors with two colleagues met in reality TV.


Zucchetti speed ahead, still it goes to Lodi the primacy of software “made in Italy”

23 June, 2015

Still it goes to Lodi the primacy of software “made in Italy” (but already running successfully in international competition). With its solutions, Zucchetti is getting closer to businesses and partners who want to invest in value-added. In view of the Italian software house focused on applications for the management of the business and professional offices [...]

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Shark Tank: If the shark lends a hand

17 June, 2015

Shark Tank “is not only a good broadcasting program in the balance between utility and fun. It is also – indeed: above all – an objective source of embarrassment for Italia 1, the Thursday night show to the public how little would be enough to illuminate the most of a schedule victim of modesty. All [...]


Mariarita Costanza: “I’ll tell you about my #SharkTankIT”

12 June, 2015

From startupper to investors, Mrs. Mariarita Constanza, talks about his experience in Italy Shark Tank and the future of startup in which he has invested Hear the phone the voice of those who have seen and heard up to a few seconds before only on television is unsettling. “Hello, I am Mariarita Constanza.” In our [...]


Territories, creativity, networks, startup: 10 Italies ranging

11 June, 2015

Last fall, the research center Laser of Valenzano, a few kilometers from Bari, Italy – funded by 12 public and private institutions, changed its name to Laserinn and has become the “center of innovation” and business incubator, suddenly taking 29 young (for one year). Mariarita Costanza, engineer of Gravina in Puglia, technical director of Macnil [...]