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Macnil at SMAU Milan Exhibition presents an InfoSmartCity APP


At the SMAU Milan Exhibition (22-24 October), Macnil, TTS Italia partner, presents a new social app for people who want to be informed in real-time urban traffic, travel time of public transportation, signal changing, info on parking and a host of other information in the public interest: the chemists to weather, events, people, communications pressing the Public Sector to the complaints of danger and risk (stray dogs, robberies, etc.).
Infosmartcity, developed as part of the SEMINA project (Evolved Systems for Intelligent Mobility in Urban Agile Network), it will provide a direct channel to the community, to talk to the City Council.
The city of Bari was the first to support the SEMINA project this integrated monitoring system of sustainable mobility and intelligent Bari. The app is a free download from http://www.infosmartcity.it