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Shark Tank: If the shark lends a hand


Shark Tank “is not only a good broadcasting program in the balance between utility and fun. It is also – indeed: above all – an objective source of embarrassment for Italia 1, the Thursday night show to the public how little would be enough to illuminate the most of a schedule victim of modesty.

All thanks to an idea on the way, for a change, from the United States gather in study holders of various start-up, and it compares them with five entrepreneurs in the mood for investments (Fabio Cannavale, Mariarita Costanza, Gianluca Dettori , Gianpiero Vigorelli and Luciano Bonetti).

The result, for once, has the intense fragrance of truth and substance. Zero posture and growl briatorici. Zero eagerness to feed excessive voltages. On the contrary. In an atmosphere full of respect and measurement point between the needs of two hemispheres: one crowded by those in search of satisfaction and money, and that instead of those who have capital available for future projects. Enough to light, between millionaires and aspiring, concrete negotiations for the sale of shares in the share capital.

Not matter, after all, the details of the proposed business, whether a new model of elastic sleepers for the rails, a hyper-fast system to pay the bill at the supermarket, or the procedure to obtain tissue from orange peels.

Involving, as a whole, is the group photo taken from “Shark Tank”: that of a country recovering from a deep coma, but with a desperate desire to invent the future.

Source: L’Espresso