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Territories, creativity, networks, startup: 10 Italies ranging


Last fall, the research center Laser of Valenzano, a few kilometers from Bari, Italy – funded by 12 public and private institutions, changed its name to Laserinn and has become the “center of innovation” and business incubator, suddenly taking 29 young (for one year).

Mariarita Costanza, engineer of Gravina in Puglia, technical director of Macnil and judge Shark Tank, the television talent show on startup, long known this reality. Now “has become a small innovation campus, an ecosystem that gathers all the necessary functions to sight innovative projects to the market,” he explains. “In a time when companies are not hiring and find it difficult to move forward, in a region such as Puglia undervalued in terms of enterprise and entrepreneurial initiative, to Laserinn is an experience to be watched closely,” he concludes.

Source: Corriere Innovation, insert the Corriere della Sera