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Is the progress neutral? | Mariarita Costanza | TEDxRomaSalon


Is the progress neutral?

From an analysis of the concept of “Progress” in its various aspects, from the most material to a more moral and civil one, we focus our attention on the progress as a neutral element, so as a place where people live together in harmony with their differences: women vs men, past vs future, history and traditions vs innovation and technological evolution. Mariarita Costanza is an electronic engineer, who challenged herself to create an Information Technology Company in Gravina in Puglia, which is a purely agricultural country, so far from the technological hub of the North of Italy. In 2014 Macnil joined the Zucchetti Group, becoming the first nationwide fleet management company. Today in the heart of Gravina there is the big Mariarita’s ICT Company, and in the same place the project of MurgiaValley is growing too, an high tech and information technology hub which owes its origin and development to Mariarita.